Tricks to applying foundation like a makeup artist

The foundation secrets you always wanted to know from a makeup artist

We might not all be Kardashians and have a glam squad on call 24/7. But with some expert tips and tricks, celeb-worthy makeup is attainable for anyone.

Foundation is the building block of any solid beauty look, and yet it mystifies so many. From finding the right shade to knowing which formula to use, creating the perfect foundation look can be tricky. But no more! We recruited top makeup artist Robert Greene to share insider secrets to a flawless foundation application. Every single time.

Tricks to applying foundation

1. You should always, always, always color test

Finding a foundation to match your skin tone is the first step to creating an expert beauty look. “Spot-test the foundation on the back of your hand, your chest, or on your jawline,” says Greene. “You want the color to disappear into your skin. If you don’t see it, then you know you have the right color.”