7 Things all women should do after they find out their man is cheating

Here are seven steps to take when you find out he cheated on you.

1. Decide whether you want to stay with him or not, and whether your relationship is worth saving


2. Talk it out

“If you decide that you do want to work things out with your guy, you’re going to need to really talk about what happened and why,” licensed sex psychotherapist Vanessa Marin tells Bustle. “What was he feeling … and how did he feel after it happened? I know this step might feel excruciatingly painful, but it’s important for you to hear him out.” Likewise, your guy “needs to hear what you have to say too” when it comes to your feelings about his infidelity, she says. “He has to understand how his actions hurt you, and has to be willing to give your emotions some time and space.”