Here’s What Your Favorite “America’s Next Top Model” Contestants Look Like Today

1. CariDee English — Cycle 7 (2006) winner

Then: CariDee won Cycle 7 by beating out Melrose Bickerstaff. She also had a pretty good time with ANTM, making out with a hot male model during the show’s visit to Barcelona.

Now: She’s now the spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation and appeared in a commercial for the psoriasis treatment Stelara. She’s also set to appear alongside John Malkovich in the film Supercon in 2017.

2. Lisa D’Amato — Cycle 5 contestant, Cycle 17 winner (2011)

Nikos Papadopoulos / Pottle Productions Inc

Then: Lisa was, BY FAR, one of the crazier personalities in ANTM history. SHE PEED HERSELF ON PURPOSE during her first turn on the show. What.

Now: Welp, she’s still pretty wild. She just gave birth to her second child, Venice, on Facebook Live. So that’s a thing.

3.Allison Harvard — Cycle 12 (2009) runner up

Then: The Cycle 12 runner up garnered attention for her cartoonishly big eyes and her fascination with blood and gore.

Now: The 28-year-old lives with her boyfriend in Los Angeles and still occasionally models. She’s also hosted a couple of talk shows in the Philippines. She continues to have the most awesome eyes.