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6 Feminist Ways to Keep a Guy Interested

How to keep a guy interested, without giving up your feminist card


Here’s how to make that air of mystery work to your advantage in the early dating days

1. Express yourself

Madonna sang about it, and it might as well be the oldest advice in the book. But seriously, there’s something to be said for putting your weird and wonderful personality out there and seeing what comes back to you. Dr. Gail Saltz, psychiatrist and the host of “The Power of Different” podcast, says, “You are an interesting and complex person with multiple areas of interest; share them. Men like women of substance and who provide food for thought.”

2. Fake it ‘till you make it

If you’re still working on that whole individuality thing — and aren’t we all — at the very least, you can try exuding confidence, known to be catnip to the opposite sex. One of the most attractive qualities to a man is confidence, Julia Bekker of relationship recruiting site Hunting Maven says. “A woman who is secure with herself carries herself in a way that is magnetic and irresistible to her admirers. A woman who loves and values herself is not afraid of being alone; she is powerful yet humble and is not jealous or needy. Know your worth, and he will too.”



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