How to remove stains from your clothes like you mean business

Smart hacks for getting berry juice, grass stains, wine and barbecue sauce outta your clothes

Removing stains from delicates

Remove set and new stains from delicates using a solution of salt and lemon juice. Gently rub with soft cloth (like microfiber) or your finger and rinse with very hot water. Never rub the garment harshly or with a rough cloth. Allow it to dry in the sun. If the stain has not been removed, attempt to soak the item in 2 parts warm water, 1 part detergent and 1 part oxygen bleaching agent. Wash it as recommended per the garment instructions.

Another method of removing delicate clothing stains is by hand-washing the garment with borax, baking soda and regular detergent. Lightly scrub the cloth together. Rinse with cool water and air-dry to prevent the stain from setting in.

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