15 Things No One Ever Told You About Pregnancy

15 Things No One Ever Told You About Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a significant stage in a woman’s life. While most things are quite known about pregnancy, people do not talk about some. That does not mean that those are unholy to say. That is because it varies from people to people and is a laughing material sometimes. So let’s get to know 15 things that no one told you about pregnancy.

1. Am I pregnant? In the first days of one’s pregnancy, she may get confused if she really is pregnant. Pregnancy has signs and symptoms of other diseases or peculiarities. While in the early stage, a pregnant mother, especially who has conceived for the first time, may not be sure about her pregnancy.

2. Pregnancy may give you freckles. While most women face it, they often do not talk about it. As a result, you do not get to know.

3. During pregnancy, your nose gets confused too. Sometimes, you will get smells others are not getting, and sometimes, you won’t get smells that others are getting.

4. During the first trimester, most women think of it as regular flu. That is because of the similar sign and symptoms- tiredness, upset stomach, nausea, headaches.

5. Getting bigger is an embarrassing situation for pregnant mothers. As your abdomen swells, you get unfit of wearing regular clothes. However, maternity clothes are still large for you.

6. Inconsistent appetite is the most common expressed feature among pregnant women. You will want food and buy it. But all of a sudden, you will lose that interest and grow disinterest in that food.

7. Increased salivation is another common phenomenon. As pregnancy includes huge hormonal changes, your routine of salivation does not remain the same. It increases, resulting in you having more saliva than ever.

8. Now comes a disgusting part- vomiting. You will feel nausea almost all the time. Moreover, even while brushing, you may vomit. It is quite mysterious where from all these vomits come.

9. Gum bleeding becomes more common during pregnancy. If you have a previous history of gum bleeding, it is unmentionable. But even if you did not have any previous gum bleeding, it may occur during your pregnancy period.

10. Determining the temperature becomes tough during pregnancy. In the present second, you will want to turn on the AC; you will want to get on your fireplace in the next.

11. As a pregnant woman, you will not be able to sleep on your belly for a long time. However, you may sleep on your stomach during the first trimester.

12. As your belly swells, everybody will want to touch your belly. Is not it quite disgusting?

13. Counting weeks become familiar than counting months. While other people are counting months, you will find yourself counting weeks during pregnancy.

14. Looking at the ultrasound photo of your unborn baby will undoubtedly freak you out. You will get used to it, though.

15. When you feel your baby’s moves for the first time, it may feel weird. As time passes, the odd feeling will convert to a sense of joy. That is what an actual pregnancy is.

Hope this post helped you know some untold facts about pregnancy. These should help you become better prepared for weird things during your pregnancy.

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