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28 Simple Costumes You Can Totally Make The Day Before Halloween

The BuzzFeed Community was asked to show their best last-minute Halloween costumes. Here are the insanely creative responses.

1. An IRL Someecard:

An IRL Someecard:

What you’ll need: A poster board, a printer, scissors, and tape or hot glue. Bonus points if you carry around a bottle of wine.

2. Wilson from Home Improvement:

Wilson from Home Improvement:

What you’ll need: A hat, popsicle sticks, and some glue.

3. Powerpuff Girls:

Powerpuff Girls:

What you’ll need: Colored duct tape for the tops and sock stripes, construction paper for the glasses, and markers to draw the cartoon eyes.

4. A dead Game of Thrones character:

A dead Game of Thrones character:

What you’ll need: Just a sheet and a name tag.

5. The Brawny Man:

The Brawny Man:

What you’ll need: A red checkered shirt with a white T-shirt underneath, some face paint or eyeliner, and a roll of paper towels.

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