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5 Common Vaginal Odors, Explained

Rotten Scent

Could It Mean That Something’s Off? Yes

If your vagina suddenly takes on an intense rotten smell, get in touch with your ob/gyn immediately. It’s definitely not healthy, and could be a sign of atampon gone astray in your vagina during your last period, which happens way more often than you’d think. Your ob/gyn has definitely dealt with extracting a long-forgotten tampon before, so don’t be shy about setting up an appointment.

In fact, don’t be shy about booking an appointment with your doc about any of these issues. These are all really run-of-the-mill gynecological problems, and your doctor won’t be disgusted with you or think you have bad hygiene if you come in with a concerning vaginal smell. Your ob/gyn is a licensed medical doctor, which means that they TOUCHED CORPSES in medical school, okay? They had to spend years doing internships and residencies where they dealt with every manner of gross, horrifying ailment, and they have become desensitized to all of it.

So please don’t be nervous about reaching out to a medical professional. There is literally nothing that could go wrong with your Nancy Drew that could shock them.

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