5 Things Most Couples are Experiencing During the Pandemic

5 Things Most Couples are Experiencing During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is the first of its kind, and it hit us at a time where globalization is at its peak. It changed everything, and it’s not about to go away anytime soon. We have to learn to adapt and cope up with how things are now.
In this article, we will look at the five things most couples are experiencing during this new normal.

1. Relationship Struggles are now more intense

You might have had struggles in the past, but both of you agreed to just let it slide and deal with it later. With the lockdowns and less physical movements outside the home, we are left with interacting with our partners more than ever. More interactions with one another mean more time to discuss past and current struggles. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If handled and communicated well, this will be a great time to address those struggles and strengthen your relationship.

2. You fight with each other more often

With more interaction with our partners comes more chances of quarrels to start. Add the millions of worries running in our minds in this crisis, then you have a perfect scenario for a fight. This is a common experience among couples. Try and resolve it as best as you can and get help when needed. Keep in mind to never make life-decisions you will regret later at this time.

3. You will crave to have alone times

Before the pandemic, getting alone time is easy. All you need to do is have an excuse to go out of the house. You can also have it when your partner is out and about. However, the current situation has forced all of us to be tied down at home. With your partner always around, it can be pretty difficult to spend some alone time. Rest assured, it’s not just you. Your partner is probably having the same problem. It will be best to talk it over and discuss how both of you can satisfy this need.

4. You come to appreciate your partner more than ever

You come to appreciate your partner more than ever

Yes, there are a lot of negative things we experience in our relationships due to the pandemic. Mostly because we never had this much time together before. There were a ton of things that distracted us from our partners. This time around, it’s quite the opposite. As we discussed, it has its negative effects, but it also has its positives if we process it correctly. Just by spending more time with your partner, I’m sure you will realize how much your partner cares for you. Properly observing and focusing on the right things will give you a better perspective of your partner and make you appreciate them more. You will most likely see things you’ve never seen before, or maybe things you missed with all those distractions.

5. You are now more connected than before

The one thing I would like to point out is that the outcome of our relationships during this pandemic depends greatly on how we deal with and adapt to each other. Since we are now all staying home, we have involuntarily become more connected than ever. For couples who have a great love for each other, this strengthens them. For the shaky ones, this can be a very challenging time. But, this is also a great opportunity to leverage your connection and strengthen your relationship.

Yes, we are in a difficult time, but it is in these trying times where we can grow and be better. Let us not waste this chance!


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