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5 Things We Need to Stop Doing in Relationships

3. Acting passive-aggressive

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Everyone knows “I’m not mad” is code for, “Watch out, I’m trying to keep my cool, but I am about to unleash a tornado of unstoppable rage and I will destroy everything in my wake.” Sometimes we pretend to not be angry so that we can come off as more easygoing or because we don’t feel like confronting the situation. Other times we say it hoping that our significant other will realize that on the contrary, we’re actually mad, and he or she will ask what’s wrong or try to fix it.

“Not telling him usually stems from a fear of losing him. We prefer stuffing our feelings rather than risk telling him what is wrong,” Olver says. “It is important to stop doing this, because if you are upset about something and won’t admit it, then how can you both work on the relationship? If your boyfriend isn’t interested in how you feel, then he may not be the right guy for you.”

If you’re angry, say it. It’s much easier to address the issue than wait around for your significant other to solve all the riddles you’re throwing his or her way. You’re allowed to get mad, and you’re allowed to admit you’re mad; lying about how you really feel is only going to hurt you and your relationship in the end. Plus, we all know how annoying it is when others are passive-aggressive to us, so let’s start following the golden rule and treat others how we want to be treated! The world will be a much happier (and less sassy) place.


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