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5 Things We Need to Stop Doing in Relationships

4. Playing guessing games

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What we say: “Go ahead; it’s totally up to you.” Translation: “I want to give you the impression that I’m easygoing and that I want you to do what you want to do, but in reality, I want you to read my mind and do exactly what I want.”

Boys can’t read minds, unfortunately. Your relationship shouldn’t be a guessing game. If there’s something you want to do or somewhere you’d like to go, then say so! It’s not fair when your significant other wants to go out and you tell him or her to go ahead while you stay behind, secretly thinking, “Look into my blazing eyes and reconsider your plan of action right now.” It’s like you’re giving your SO fake permission, and it needs to stop!

“This is often done as a ‘test’ to see if our significant other is in tune enough to recognize what not to do, and is a very risky behavior,” Olver says. “Men, on the other hand, say what they mean. They don’t have lines to read between. They think woman are similar and actually mean what they say, so when you tell him it’s okay, he believes you.”

If you have an idea in mind, then you should always have the confidence and desire to say so. Otherwise, you might end up at some rundown taco joint for your anniversary, and, let’s be honest, that is most definitely not “fine.” If you told your SO that was okay, you can’t get upset about it later, so save yourself some time and frustration and speak your mind from the get-go.

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