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5 things women want you to know when approaching them

Approaching a girl and successfully impressing her is not an easy task. So, a little preparation is always good. Although you never know what quality in you will actually impress her yet preparing a bit will always help. Here are some basic good humble humane gestures that you need to know for sure before approaching women. With these basic yet fundamental behavioral aspects, you will not only win her heart but also can prove to be a gentleman whom she will want as her lifelong partner.

1. How to talk

How to talk

You need to know how to talk. We all know how to talk but do we really know what to talk about? Talking sensible, logical, or funny, it should reflect your presence of mind. You will have to know how to talk confidently. Also do not ever boast about yourself. This will only show your over-confidence and arrogance. On the other hand, talking about irrelative matters will only bore her. She will lose interest in the conversation and eventually in you.

2. How to make her laugh

A girl will definitely want you to know this. We all want to feel light and happy. Thus a charming guy with a good sense of humor will always melt her. You can be funny and silly in your own way but it should be healthy humor. You can take help from memes. This little bit of laughs and fun can actually bring you close to her.

3. Showing respect for her

Believe it or not, it is the most important quality a woman looks for in a man. You need to give her time, let her speak, and understand her feelings. Showing respect for others is an essential characteristic that you cannot learn overnight. You cannot even false it. It should be in your nature and gesture. So, you should practice respecting women before approaching them for sure.

4. How to dress up

How to dress up

To be presentable while you are approaching a woman is also equally important. As we say the first impression is the last impression. So your first impression should leave an impact on her. Thus you need to know how to dress up well. We are not talking about what color you should pick or you should wear formal or casual. It depends on the situation. The price or brand does not matter for most of the women. But your dress should be clean, stain-free, odor-free, and wrinkle-free.

5. How to make her blush

If you are approaching her and want to build up a relationship with her then you need to know how to make her blush. You should know how to flirt healthily. She may find a lot to appreciate her beauty but you can appreciate her nature, her character, just the way she is. She will find you distinct from others. You will shine high from the lot. Make her feel special through your words and eyes.

So these are the five things you must know before approaching a woman. Make your first impression with all the goodness in you. Talk about what you genuinely feel. No need for false pretense or bombastic allusions if there are true feelings in you.

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