5 Types of Men Women Hate Crossing Paths With

5 Types of Men Women Hate Crossing Paths With

While there are many traits women find irresistible in men, there are also types of men that make women pull out their hairs. These are the type of men they probably have met in their lifetimes and have taken mental notes to never incorporate themselves with again in the future. You may not even realize it, but these could be the likes of you that women have seen on their first dates and never landed on a second.

If you’re a man who lacks self-awareness and who thinks you’re the ‘prince charming’ you think you are, you better think twice and check out on these traits you might be manifesting:

1. Bickerers

While there are naggers, there are bickerers. Debates are fun on some occasions, particularly to those who enjoy it. There are healthy arguments when there is no shouting and two people are actually having a discussion, but when two people are no longer on the same page, some men tend to parade women with their ‘intellect.’

2. Crybabies

Though crying is an act of strength for people who suppress their own emotions, it can be frowned upon by many. It’s not a good breakfast to hear a sad sack of rice over the corner moping about the undercooked chicken when he can just simply refry it himself.

3. Deceivers


Lying is sometimes unavoidable, notably on occasions of concealment. It’s understandable to protect your loved ones by lying to strangers. What’s not understandable are those men who lie to make themselves look way better than who they really are.

4. Misogynists

You might think that sexism and misogyny are of the same ship, but misogyny is way worse. It’s more cynical and wickeder than just neglecting and disrespecting women. If you think you can have total control of the way a woman dresses or the number of times she wants to have sex with you, you probably are a misogynist.

5. Cheaters


We all know it’s too basic, but what others don’t know about cheating is that the moment you feel like you’re already hiding something from your woman, that is already cheating. Some men might miss the memo, but if you’re well aware of this – good for you.

Are there ways to fix these kinds of behaviors?

Of course, being self-aware is a good start in doing so. Acknowledging your mistakes and continuously trying to improve yourself are sexy traits most women want.

It will help if you recognize that aggression isn’t always the way to go. Being polite to everyone, not only to your woman is also an admirable attitude. Learning to back off and establishing to yourself that you can’t always get what you want is a sign of maturity. Accepting ‘no’ as an answer might also be hard for you, but putting yourself into their shoes might help. Being the better version of yourself every waking day isn’t really that hard as long as you are conscious of your slips and continuously change them.

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