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30 Affordable DIY Remodeling Ideas That Will Spectacularly Upgrade Your Home

1. Paint your ceiling fan

Just look at that! A simple fan blade paint job can transform your room.

affordable DIY remodeling paint ceiling fan

via: therealtitsmcgee

2. Gel stain garage door

Fix an ugly faded garage door with a cheap bottle of gel stain.

affordable DIY remodeling gel stain garage door

via: domestically-speaking

3. DIY fire pit

Spice up your porch or backyard with a custom fire pit made from heat resistant stones.

affordable DIY remodeling fire pit

via: younghouselove

4. Replace air vents

Some air vents like the one below look outdated. Install a new prettier vent for a better look!

affordable DIY remodeling replace air vents

via: friendly-home

5. Restore outdoor lights

Paint over rusty or faded outdoor lights with some metallic paint.

affordable DIY remodeling restore outdoor lights

via: inmyownstyle

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