Awesome booze Hacks You Should Definitely Know About

BuzzFeed Community compiled their favorite booze hacks, and here’s what they said.

1. The best way to upgrade your iced coffee:

“Make a pot of coffee. Let it cool and pour the coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight. Put ice cubes in glass and pour Baileys into it. Enjoy!” —nicoles40e61e7a8

2. The perfect cure for a cold day:

“Hot chocolate and cake-flavored vodka. Perfect for shoveling your car out during a Minnesota winter!” —sncameron7

3. The way to make tastier Jell-O shots:

“Whenever I make Jell-O shots for a party, I match the alcohol flavor to the flavor of the Jell-O. Cherry Jell-O…Cherry Pucker Schnapps, etc. You get a flavor bomb, plus you don’t taste the alcohol as much, so you get bombed.” —Tina Nelson, Facebook

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4. The easiest way to a make “cinnamon roll”:

“Fireball whiskey and cream soda. It literally creates a Cinnabon. Unreal good!” —michelles44978e908

5. Basically Christmas in a mug:

“Since it’s starting to get cold out again, I get to bust out my favorite seasonal drink. Hot chocolate with a shot of RumChata, a shot of Baileys Irish Cream, and a splash of peppermint schnapps, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon or crushed candy canes. It’s delish!” —longmegh

6. For anyone who loves mangoes:

“Simply Lemonade brand mango lemonade and gin! Throw some strawberries in if you’re feeling fancy. It’s so delicious and even people who aren’t fans of gin like it because the mango compliments the gin so well. I served it at my wedding and it was a hit!” —c3po

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7. A piña colada you can make in under a minute:

“Pineapple Fanta and coconut rum makes for an awesome piña colada imitation drink.” —mattm42b296b59

8. For anyone who loves maple syrup:

“Crown Royal Maple mixed with Dr Pepper tastes like maple nut ice cream!” —Ashley Steidl, Facebook

9. A twist on the classic margarita:

“Kombucha margaritas! Tequila + kombucha + lime juice. It’s so much tastier than the store-bought margarita mix and healthier too, I suppose. It definitely tastes like a margarita and not a tequila cocktail.” —Kelsey Lauder, Facebook

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10. A tasty and simple way to avoid hangovers:

“Mix your vodka with water and a couple of drops of Mio…it’ll keep you hydrated and replenish your electrolytes. #HangOversBeGone” —stephaniemichelleg

11. A tasty and simple way to enjoy a tropical drink and also avoid a hangover:

“Riptide Rush Gatorade and coconut rum. You can drink all day long and still wake up feeling like a million bucks!” —billier4f2998b93

12. A smart way to keep your drink cold:

“Depending on what I’m drinking, I like to use frozen fruit instead of ice. My favorite is 7Up with mango vodka and frozen mangoes. There’s less water to dilute your drink and you get to eat the fruit when you’re done.” —kecarpenter

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13. The secret to making cheap wine taste good:

“Cheap wine with a splash of ginger ale! Makes it more like a punch and it’s delicious!” —loganashleys

14. When you feel like something fruity:

“White zinfandel wine with 99 Bananas schnapps over ice. Tastes like strawberry and bananas.” —oliviaw48fa35c5f

15. When you feel like something sweet:

“Sour watermelon vodka and Mountain Dew tastes just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher.” —mikaylas4528dc8ea

16. A better way to drink premade margaritas:

“One time I had some crappy premixed margarita crap in the fridge leftover from a party and decided to mix it with ginger beer and it was amazingly delicious.” — Matt Michaud, Facebook

17. Easier than going to IHOP:

“Spice up your whiskey and ginger ale with Jim Beam Maple. It tastes just like pancakes in a glass.” —rachelk419fe93f3

18. The perfect fall drink:

“Combine the cheapest whiskey you can find and the cheapest apple juice you can find. I hate that it’s actually delicious.” —KristenMita

19. An upgrade to the old vodka cranberry:

“This one I saw on Pinterest. Combine vanilla vodka, cranberry juice, and grenadine, then shake and strain. It’s sweeter than a regular vodka cran and is so so good.” —sierrao44a157429

20. An easy way to have a low-cal drink:

“My friends and I will take Crystal Light packets to the bar and order vodka waters. Then we’ll pour the Crystal Light packet in and mix it up! Great way to stay hydrated without all the sugary juice.” —jennad452112c9c

21. An easy way to make a margarita-inspired drink:

“I go to Sonic’s during happy hour and get a couple Route 44–size limeades with no ice. I take those bad boys home and mix them with tequila. They’re bomb-tasting and cheap-as-hell drinks.” —amberreed05

22. And lastly, a splash of Sprite can fix almost any drink:

“Sprite makes anything sweeter! Beer too dark and bitter? Add Sprite! Wine too tart? Add Sprite!” —Liz B

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