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Ben Stiller didn’t want to talk about his prostate cancer until he beat it

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Ben Stiller kept his battle with prostate cancer a secret, but there’s a good reason he’s speaking out about it now

Men: You’re going to want to listen up to what Ben Stiller has to say about his battle with prostate cancer. And ladies, pass this article on to the men in your lives.


Stiller recently revealed during an interview on The Howard Stern Show that he was diagnosed two years ago, and he kept it a secret until now. The reason is actually pretty inspiring. He’s speaking out about the diagnostic test that found his cancer and saved his life in hopes that more men will learn about the test and have it done regularly to screen for prostate cancer.
“I wanted to talk about it because of the test… I feel like the test saved my life,” he said.

The PSA test is a type of blood test that measure the amount of PSA in a patient’s blood. PSA is an antigen produced by cancerous tissues in the prostate.

Stiller didn’t explain what first made him get a PSA test, but he did say that he was surprised by the results.

“It came out of the blue for me. I had no idea,” he admitted. “At first, I didn’t know what was gonna happen. I was scared. It just stopped everything in your life because you can’t plan for a movie because you don’t know what’s gonna happen.”

But Stiller was able to beat cancer — while prostate cancer is the second most deadly cancer for men, it’s extremely treatable when it’s detected early.

“Afterwards, it just gives you an appreciation for life,” he said. “Every six months I’m taking my PSA test to make sure I’m clear.”



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