27 Of The Best Hostels In Europe

1. Lucky Lake Hostel in Amsterdam, Netherlands

“This hostel is by a lake just outside of the city. All of the rooms are little caravans — there’s even a little caravan movie theatre. Also, the kitchen is outside with tables to share with fellow travelers!” —georgiaeloiser

Beds starting at $38.10 per night.

2. City Circus in Athens, Greece

“I stayed in City Circus Athens last year, which was really nice. Very clean with a good breakfast, and they host fun activities so you can get to know other travelers. Movie night with an ouzo tasting was the best part. They also have a roof garden that overlooks the Acropolis!” —Purpleangel97

Beds starting at $17.99 per night.

3. The Lavender Circus in Budapest, Hungary

“Words cannot describe how cool it is. Please search it on Google Image! Really affordable, central but on a quiet street, and very friendly!” —kirstyb5

Beds starting at $42.33 per night.

4. Paintshop Hostel in Figueira da Foz, Portugal

“It was my first time staying in a hostel while traveling alone, and it completely changed the way I travel! Before I’d even checked in, the owners had introduced me to the other guests chilling in the lounge. All of a sudden, I was part of a family instead of a random stranger. We cooked together, ate together, and took drunken bicycle rides back to the hostel together after two-for-one cocktails in town. They even gave everyone a ride to the best surf breaks every morning, and their surf camp prices are ridiculously affordable.” —Katie Dawes, Facebook

Beds starting at $19.03 per night.

5.La Banda Rooftop Hostel in Seville, Spain

“The guys who run it are awesome, the dorms are nice, and there’s a really cool bar on the roof!” —sophieh26

Beds starting $20 per night.


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