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Dangerous Warning Signs That Mean Your Relationship Is DOOMED

You're Doomed To Breakup


Check out the signs that show your relationships future is DOOMED!


1. Your relationship lacks communication or affection.

Communication and Affection are the most important parts of a relationship.

If your “I love you’s” and “how are you’s” have turned into little more than “Don’t forget to pick up milk on your way home,” consider your relationship in trouble.

2. You have no sex life.

Always remember that sporadic sex is different than no sex.The absence of sex life in long-term couple is very common but it is different from no sex at all!

3.You have low self-esteem.

In a good relationships,  people should lift one another up, not bring them down. If you’re second guessing yourself and only staying above water because of hope, your relationship has already begun to drown.

4. You have no time for each other.

You don’t need to spend every second with your significant other, but you should spend a lot of them. No time for one another is a classic sign that your relationship doesn’t stand a chance.

5.You’re losing friendships.

One of the difficult things about relationships is that they don’t just merge two people, they also merge two social circles. Sometimes those circles mold together to form a larger radius, and other times they just leave everyone bent out of shape.

If you’ve been forced to stop seeing friends or family because your partner doesn’t like them, you might be better off wondering less about how to know when to breakup, and instead actually doing it.

6. You don’t have fun together.

People do all kinds of things to have fun—go out to the bars, play sports, go hiking, etc. If your list of fun things to do no longer involves your partner, there’s a reason.

A couple that can’t play together is very unlikely to stay together.

7. You keep score.

A relationship is not a golf game; you don’t need to keep score with miniature pencils.

Routinely reminding your partner that you cooked last night so they must this night or that you saw their family last weekend so they must see yours this weekend can quickly lead to the game being over.

8. You’re spending all your energy treading water.

Maintaining a relationship is like running in place … it gets you nowhere. Instead, your relationship should be evolving—you should be building on your foundation, not smoothing over some gaping hole.

If things aren’t going forward, they’re spiraling out of control and learning how to know when to breakup might be an easy answer: right now.

9. You always fight about the same problems that never get solves.

Fighting about the exact same things over and over until you wash, rinse, repeat is not a healthy union. If you can’t break the cycle, it might be time to yank out the plug.

10. You’re being stonewalled.

Anyone who goes to their partner with concerns about a relationship should be met with receptive ears. Stonewalling and invalidating another person means two things: Nothing will get fixed and happiness will not return.

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