Fashion Over the Decades and How Style Evolved

Fashion Over the Decades and How Style Evolved

One thing we all know about pop culture is that ‘everything is a remix.’ Whether it be in music or films, or art – this includes fashion. It is astonishing how history has played a huge part in the evolution of style throughout the decades. Fashion is like on a stream of change and improvement from classic trends in the 1950s to modern styles in the late 2000s.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane

Audrey Hepburn’s felt hats highly influenced the 1950s women while men parade themselves in button-up shirts. Smoking cigarettes was indeed cool then; hence, a cigarette case was also a part of a usual getup.

In the 1960s, The Hippie Movement introduced tie-dyes as an expression of freedom, while musicians inspired people to wear florals and checkered prints in the 1970s. Even though musicians also played a huge part in the 1980s fashion, it transpired to be a colorful decade. Music going in different directions unfolded the heavy metal fashion heralding the 1990s.

A new era of fashion has emerged

A new era of fashion has emerged

The 1990s was undeniably the decade of grunge when Dr. Martens was a huge hit, and flannel shirts and ripped jeans were seen left and right. Plain t-shirts, jeans, and Converse shoes were also a fit introduced by this generation. As the Internet takes off in the 1990s, it has become easier to popularize different styles – presenting a rollercoaster of emotions to the 2000s.

Smartphones, cameras, and social networking sites succeeded in the 2000s, paving the way to a futuristic fashion sense. Hip-Hop also greatly influenced the people of streetwear. Trends from the 1980s and the 1990s are still evident in this era. While indeed, it is a more laid back decade, fashion is vastly evolving year by year, making it hard for some people to keep up.

From head-to-toe coordinates to mixed and matched garments influenced by different periods, today’s generation has given people more freedom to express themselves. With the Internet being accessible to many people, online shopping continuously booming, designers never stop creating, and influencers creating trends daily, there is no reason to keep yourself in a tiny bubble. Go out and make your ‘own’ style.

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