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Fifteen Places to Find Your Future Girlfriend

Fifteen Places to Find Your Future Girlfriend

While technology is swiftly evolving, people slowly lose interest in conventional ways of meeting other people. It’s a shame that gone are the days when we don’t always look at our phones every chance we get. We somehow forget that there’s a bigger world outside the four corners of our phone screens where we can interact, socialize, and possibly meet ‘the one.’

Many of you might still be on the lookout for your future companion, and here are some places you probably are not taking advantage of:

1. Gym

If you’re the kind of person who keeps a healthy lifestyle and would gladly be with someone on the same boat, you might want to try to converse with the ladies in your local gym.

2. Museums and Galleries

The beauty you see in paintings and other artforms might also lie in those women who frequently visit them, and you have to grab your chance and appreciate them as well.

3. The Campus

She might just be sitting beside you in a Philosophy class while you drown yourself on Marcus Aurelius. Cut yourself some slack.

4. The Workplace

The Workplace

That lady you borrowed a stapler from might be into the things you like too. She might be giving you looks you never notice because you’re too engrossed in that report you’re writing.

5. Parties or Clubs

It’s a usual place to meet people, and you might have just ghosted your future girlfriend only because of a mistaken assumption that people at clubs aren’t right for you.

6. Libraries and Book Stores

Go back and check out that book you’ve been eyeing on for the past couple of months that you’ve been refusing to buy because you think you won’t be able to read it. Your future girlfriend might be in the next aisle looking already holding on to the last copy.

7. Malls and Grocery Stores

She may go on Saturdays at 2 PM the same time you do, and maybe tomorrow, you’ll bump into her at the self-checkout counter.

8. Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

You might run into her as she orders twenty cappuccinos that she’s taking too long on the line, and you’re in a rush to grab a coffee fix for yourself.

9. Public Transport

On your way to work, as you take your usual bus, she’s in a rush to go to visit her friends, and at one moment, you find her panicking, looking at her broken watch. “It’s 8:00” could be a good conversation starter.

10. Waiting Sheds

We wait long enough for the train or the bus; it might start raining. Under a shed, as you grab your umbrella, a woman soaked in the rain runs beside you, and you get yourself a classic Korean drama scene while meeting the woman of your dreams.

11. Concerts or Fandom Events

Sharing the same love for things is an excellent way to have a deep connection with someone, so if the next Paramore concert is your way of meeting her, buy that ticket.

12. Movies

Not everybody in line is with a partner; offering to share your large popcorn with someone could be your key to finding someone.

13. Churches

Sometimes, not having the same faith as your partner can be a problem in a relationship, so you might as well go look for someone sharing the same beliefs as you.

14. Volunteer Activities

Volunteer Activities

If you’re looking for a woman with a heart of gold, try volunteering in your local area. May it be for an animal shelter or an orphanage, it doesn’t really matter as long as you share the same passion as her.

15. Vacations

If you’re not tight on budget, going on vacation is an excellent way to meet new people, and she might just be around Bora-Bora for all you know.

While we have a long list of mights and maybes, it’s always in your hands whether you go out there and search for ‘the one’ or sit on your couch and watch conspiracy theories the next couple of years wondering where she might be.

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