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10 Foods You Shouldn’t Feed Your Pets This Thanksgiving

As our favorite holiday approaches — a day dedicated to gorging ourselves on turkey and pie — we have to remember to take care of our beloved pets who are going to want some Turkey Day spoiling.

While it’s tempting to feed them table scraps (they do those big, sad eyes so well) it’s important to remember that there are a number of foods that are toxic to animals. So, be careful this Thanksgiving! Here’s what NOT to feed your pets:



Stuffing, the greatest Thanksgiving dish, should be enjoyed by humans only! This heavenly creation from above, unfortunately, tends to contain onions, scallions, and onions— ingredients that toxic to animals and are also known to cause anemia.

Turkey Bones


Although it’s tempting to give your dog a bone to chew on (they look so damn cute chewing on it!) turkey bones can cause pets to choke and if they swallow them — and the bones can splinter, puncturing the stomach or intestines. Instead, give pets pieces of COOKED turkey. Breast meat is best — and make sure you cut off all the bones

If you want to give your furbaby a Turkey Day treat, give your pet a piece of cooked turkey breast.

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