16 Hilariously Inappropriate Gifts People Have Received From Family

The buzzfeed community was asked about inappropriate thing they’ve been gifted by their family. Here are some of the best answers.

1. Eternal thanks

Eternal thanks

Getty Images / BuzzFeed

Submitted by amandaf4622dfc11

2. Birds and the bees

“When I was ten my grandma gave me a book about animal sex because she said it looked very educational. At the time I barely even knew what sex was.”

Submitted by jennas46860746f

3. The festive period

“One Christmas my mum wrapped up nine boxes of tampons for me and put them under the tree. She said it was so I could start the next year prepared.”

Submitted by brooket43253a376

4. Ring the bell

Ring the bell
Getty Images / BuzzFeed

Submitted by illuminapple

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