How to Improve Your Online Teaching

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdowns, online teaching has become more prevalent across the country. All institutes start the online setups for the students, and online education is a different method than conventional teaching. It requires different skills and techniques; therefore, it becomes essential for a teacher to adapt to online classes’ impressive capabilities. For an online course, the teacher should make the material for students that develops students’ interest in a class. You should also use exciting products for students that attract the attention of students (more on Altitude Mom’s top pics at the end of this article!).

Engage with your learners online

In online classes, you are not physically present in the classroom, so you’ll need to establish a virtual connection with your students. In an online course, the teacher needs to engage the class from the start to the end by using different products and materials. It increases the effectiveness of online learning. You should suggest the “Five Star Interactive Notebooks” to your students for their writing exercises as they’re great for “outside of the box” note taking. In an online class, students taking notes is a critical part of each lecture. It increases their engagement and will help them remember information easier. If they can’t remember, they can go back and reference their notes.

Create a supportive learning environment

You have the ability, as an online instructor, to build a friendly internet environment for your students.

The effective way to accomplish this is by encouraging engagement between teachers and students, and by encouraging interaction between students. The following strategies are suggested by Dr. Judith V. Boettcher, Ph.D. – author of A Faculty Guide for Moving Teaching and Learning to the Web:

  • Before beginning your online class, get the ball rolling with a self-introductory message and invite attendees to add their brief profile or group presentation.
  • Develop an online comment board or forum where students can share and ask each other for guidance and help and build peer-to-peer assistance.
  • Formulate small groups of students at the beginning of the course, similar to typical research groups, with fellow learners encouraging guidance and support.

These approaches will enable students to work together as an engaged learning group, providing opportunities for all participating individuals. 

Provide Ongoing Feedback

Feedback is a vital element of all active and efficient educational environments. As an online instructor, your suggestions and support will help build an eLearning environment for the learner, which is insightful, interactive, and inspirational. During the eLearning process, your recommendations should be continuous, with performance criticism being offered as quickly as possible so learners can immediately define which skills or behaviors need to be enhanced. Via collaborative projects, you can promote collective suggestions, which also help in building student participation.

Features of a Five Star Interactive Notebook – Actions speak louder than words

An interactive notebook is a natural methodology for students to establish their informative information according to their study. This interactive notebook facilitates the students during the online learning process. The use of a notebook during class increases their interest in the lecture.

Custom Pages + Table of Contents

This notebook consists of 100 paper pieces. The paper in these notebooks are high-quality paper that resist ink bleed. At the start of the notebook, a table of contents is available; students can find the related work with the help of table content. In this notebook, there are custom pages that help students to note the unique point’s similar lecture. The ink resists bleed papers allow the students to use any kind of pen—pointer and gel pen for writing.

Storage Pockets

These unique notebooks also have small storage pockets. Students can use these small pockets to store the notecards, handouts, and low supplies. These storage pockets are small and organized.

An interactive notebook is a natural approach for teachers and students to keep their data organized and retain it. This notebook has custom pages for the students and teachers to keep their data in the aligned form and for the high visual method of learning.

  • The high quality resists ink bleed papers are used in this notebook. There is also a content page for the list of topics and page numbers. The pages of the notebook contain the margin lines and page numbers.
  • Also attached the plastic storage pockets. These small storage pockets are made of plastic holders and help to keep the notecards and cutouts. These clear plastic pockets also use to keep the syllabus and notes.

These notebooks are covered with the plastic front cover protectors. This protector saves the notebook and its contents from water damage. In front of the notebook, there is an identification label card. On that label card, the student can write their name and subject name.

  • Another great feature of this notebook, is that there is a reference guide at the end of the notebook, multiplication tables, periodic tables, and glossary. Each notebook consists of 100 pages, and every page measures 11″ x8 1/2″.

Pencil Pouches

With the interactive notebooks, Five Star also offers organized pencil pouches. These pencil pouches also help the students to keep their stationery and writing organized. These pouches are made according to the need of students to hold the pen, pencils, etc. These pencil pouches are available in different styles, such as zipper pockets and binder rings to make your things secure and organized.

Five Star Flex

Students also need a binder and notebook during the online class according to the lecture’s requirement. On the Five Star, you can find and hybrid notebook and binder. This hybrid notebook and binder are available in the form of Five Star Flex. This product can act like a notebook and binder, according to your needs. This flex has two rings; you can easily add or remove papers from it. Inside the flex, there are pages like a notebook.

Quartet Brilliance Glass Dry-Erase Boards

We are lucky to have the technologies nowadays to create immersive learning environments that enable us to communicate and interact entirely as well as if we were in the class environment.

A combination of synchronous and asynchronous practices is used by the top online trainers, providing a fusion of conventional online learning models with modern learning models, more interactive visual and audio techniques.

Using a blend of practices makes the content quite exciting and exciting, thereby boosting learner participation with both the instructor and other students.

It’s essential to consider the value of mobile-learning for online educators, with learners and workers both accustomed to studying through their cell phones.

Mobile learning gives learners primary benefits, helping them to acquire up-to-date learning content and related information instantly, whenever.

To maximize your teaching techniques, make sure that your eLearning material is readily accessible through cell phones, computers, and iPads. You will also show your students that you are in sync with the urban workforce’s requirements today and its related technologies.

You will be more comfortable in the online teaching abilities and eLearning resources by using these techniques. It will realize that you’re cooperating for your learners to develop a far more friendly and cooperative educational environment. To make your online class enjoyable, you can use the Quartet Brilliance Glass Dry-Erase Board.

Stunning Clarity

You can draw your ideas on the bright white surface of the board. They use an improved high contrast glass, which makes the handwriting distinct and clear. It is the best canvas to draw your innovative ideas, and it also attracts the attention of students in an online class.

Professional Style

When you use an innovative and remarkable glass whiteboard in your online class, it attracts the students. It also gives a professional look to your work.

Clean Erase

You can discuss new innovative ideas and announcements using this white glass board without any distraction and disturbance. It is easy to erase glass; you can delete the content and rewrite it without any difficulty.

Tempered Glass

This white glass board is designed for long-term use; this board is built-to-last. The surface of the board is made of special glass. This glass resists against the dents and scratches, and it is a great piece to use in home and office. The warranty for this board is 25 years.

The innovative premium white glass board gives a stylish and professional look to your office. It is the best canvas for brainstorming and the discussion of ideas.

  • This white glass also has a writing stand for the high contrast.
  • It is the non-absorbent glass board stainless and easy to erase.
  • This stunning white surface glass gives a beautiful look to your workplace.
  • The glass of this board is tempered, which resists against the dents and scratches.
  • The warranty for this board is 25 years.

Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pads

Stain-Free Surface

It is the non-absorbent glass that is not absorbed any kind of stain. Every time you can write, clean, and rewrite on the glass surface.

Maximize Your Space

There is extra space available with these computer pads. You can keep the notes, markers, and other things on the side drawers of quick access.

  • You can enhance the desk space by keeping the computer pads between your computer and keyboard.
  • You can write quickly on the angled dry erase surface.
  • You can decorate your workplace with the modern Quartet glass.
  • You can rewrite your ideas on board again and again without any stain.
  • You can store the small accessories such as markers, sticky notes in the attached drawer

Online learning should be fun, supportive and inclusive for students and teachers. We hope these tips and new products can fit into your classroom!


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