Jim Carrey Leaves $225 Tip for NYC Waitress!


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One New York City waitress received the tip of her life over the weekend according to a source form People.


The waitress serves at Chester, a restaurant in New York City’s Meatpacking District. Carrey is known to frequent the restaurant, and he was even said to have been there earlier in the week. But over the weekend he and a group of his friends were back and enjoying a meal together, and the total for the bill came out to $151.


$225 is almost a 150% tip.


The 54-year-old actor was said to have ordered lemon chicken and a quinoa dish paired with a pinot noir and sparkling water. If he were to leave a normal tip of 20%, that would have totaled out closer to $30. But Jim Carrey isn’t normal, and he’s never claimed to be. The source also said, “Everyone seemed to be in a good mood.”

We love seeing the generous side of celebrities. From Taylor Swifts personalized Christmas gifts to fans last year, to Amy Schumer’s $1000 tip for bartenders on a tab of less than $100, it makes us feel good to know that the people we love love us too.



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