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Make More Space In Your Kitchen With This Easy Magnetic Spice Organizer

Magnetic Spice Organizer

Magnetic Spice Organizer

Here’s a video showing you show to make it:


½-inch wood screws
12-inch steel bracket
1.25-inch ceramic magnets
4-ounce mason jars
A drill


1. Use tape to place a 12-inch steel bracket to the bottom of a cabinet.

2. Drill small holes into the cabinet wood in every third hole on the steel bracket.

3. Screw in ½-inch wooden screws to mount the steel bracket.

4. Remove the tape and attach 6 magnets to the steel bracket.

5. Fill 4-ounce mason jars with spice.

6. Seal the mason jars firmly.

7. Place the mason jars with the tops facing the magnets.

8. Enjoy your organized kitchen!

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