Managing Work-Life Balance during WFH

Managing Work-Life Balance during WFH

Offices are closed in many countries due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Although things are getting normal now, many people still work from home to prevent the disease. First, it felt pretty awesome to work from. No need to get up early to reach the office and no need to pick various clothes for the office.

People soon realized that working from is not as easy as they thought. It’s pretty daunting! Many working people are living a chaotic life because they can’t manage work-life balance. Here are a few tips to manage that balance, stay fit, and happy at home:

Have a relaxing morning routine!

Get up early in the morning to enjoy tea or coffee and your breakfast. Read a newspaper if you like and spend some time with your family members. Do not open the laptop and start working immediately. It causes unnecessary stress and you can’t give your best in the job.

You cannot skip the work due to other chores of the day. Therefore, you should be prepared in the morning. The entire day will pass smoothly if you have a calm and relaxing morning routine.

Relax when you are on the bed!

It has become a common practice to take the laptop to the bed and check work emails or other details. Is it the way you are spending your time when working from home? Change this habit as soon as possible to eliminate unnecessary work stress.

That bed is for taking rest, so do not turn it into the work desk. Sit on your work desk and finish all the daily office work there. Log out and turn off the laptop to enjoy your free time with the family.

Restrict people’s entry into your office at home!

Restrict people’s entry in your office at home

Many people believe that WFH is not a great idea due to frequent disturbance at home. Kids and other family members make it tough to concentrate on work. There is a solution, but other family members may not like it. You have to turn a room into your office and make it a restricted space during office hours.

This solution has worked for many people. They can focus solely on the job and not worry about daily household issues. Try this tip if your work performance is decreasing due to frequent disturbance and household chores.

Follow a strict work schedule!

You can continue working during the daily work hours or plan a different schedule. Take the support of your office colleagues to plan a perfect schedule. Just like the office, you may seek their support in solving certain issues. They will be on their desks when you are working and it won’t be too problematic in such situations.

Take an off!

Yes, you are working from home and it may seem like a long holiday, but it’s not! You must take at least one day off to enjoy the weekend with your family members. Give them all your time during the weekend so that they won’t complain about the rest of the week. It will work and you will also feel refreshed on Monday!


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