Nitric Oxide: Make Your Workouts Lit

If you’re too busy to go to the gym or just don’t enjoy exercising in public, any time you spend exercising should be efficient and quick. If you need a little help adding more movement to your day, or maybe you want to get into shape, taking a Nitric Oxide supplement is something that could boost your workouts. Nitric Oxide, or N02, is an element already in your body to help prolong your endurance, strengthen your bones, and even ease joint pain. Taking this supplement can help maximize your workout, reaching your optimal heart rate faster while avoiding muscle aches.

To ensure you are buying a quality N02 supplement, do your research online first by reading reviews. Some supplements have hidden chemicals or are lacking amino acids that you need to increase N02 production. Read more about Research Verified reviews to make sure you know what you’re buying.

Cardiovascular Exercise

To keep yourself at a healthy weight, you need at least twenty minutes of exercise a day three times a day to increase your heart rate. If you have lower blood pressure, your muscles do not get the amount of oxygen they need to perform at their best. This means you will start running more slowly, you will run out of breath faster, and you will need a longer time to reach your optimal heart rate.

Taking an N02 supplement can reverse all of these effects. Nitric Oxide keeps blood vessel walls relaxed which improves your blood flow. An increased amount of blood flow means a lower blood pressure and elimination of free radicals in your bloodstream. This leads to longer, better workouts to help you reach your heart rate goals.

Good cardiovascular exercises you can do at home are a mixed amount of burpees, squats, push-ups, planks and jumping jacks. You can find home workouts, including a warm-up and cool-down, here.

Bone Density

While you’ve got your heart pumping, let’s focus on your bones. The more dense your bones are, the stronger they are. While you may have listened to your mom and drank your milk to help your bones grow, maintaining your bone mass and growing healthy bone cells is important after your bones are fully developed. Nitric Oxide acts as an antioxidant, which stimulates cell growth and prevents cellular degeneration. With the help of Nitric Oxide, your bones will remain healthy and durable.

Some exercises you can do to maintain bone strength are walking, exercising with resistance bands, rowing machines and other lightweight muscle strengthening exercises.

Don’t Worry About Joint Pain

Lastly, Nitric Oxide is used to reduce aches and pains in your joints. This doesn’t just apply to you if you are suffering from arthritis; if you twist or pull a muscle by accident in your workouts, N02 is shown to speed up the healing process.Unfortunately, this cuts your workout short as you should not continue running on a sprained ankle, but you have longer endurance and a better chance at an easier recovery while taking N02. Joints are usually surrounded by cartilage, which takes longer to heal. N02 has been shown to repair damaged cartilage cells, which are the main cause of joint pain in your workout.

If you do have arthritis or are nursing an injury, you still need to exercise! Good exercises to help with joint pain include stretches, like yoga or pilates. These types of exercises take your weight off your feet and do not overstress the muscles or joints that are causing you pain.



Carolyn Green

Carolyn is 28 years old and a fitness nut! She is currently studying for her Masters in Kinesiology, so health and fitness are key in her studies and her life. In her spare time she likes to rock climb, hike and meditate.

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