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40 Simple DIY Projects To Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

1. Front Porch Light Makeover

Just by replacing the lights on your front porch, you can create a more visually appealing home.

increase curb appeal light makeover

Source: stylewithcents

2. Gel Stain Your Garage Door

When people look at your home from the curb, there is no way they can avoid looking at the garage. Why not make it look more appealing? Just by adding gel stain, you can update the look of your garage.

increase curb appeal gel stain

Source: frugalcouponliving

3. Update Your Front Door.

Giving your front door a makeover is a guaranteed way to increase curb appeal. Give it a much needed repaint and adding some decorative letters or your address number.

increase curb appeal home

Source: meandjilly

4. Make Your Own Concrete Garden Globes

Concrete garden globes look great, but they can be expensive. Turns out you can make your own for under $15! This is something to try.

increase curb appeal garden globe

Source: thegardenglove

5. Camouflage your AC Unit

If your AC unit is visible from the curb, camouflaging it will add a nice look to your house. You can plant some shrubs or add a lattice.

increase curb appeal lattice

Source: loveoffamilyandhome

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