Six of the Most Expensive Areas to Get a Home in Dubai

Dubai makes the list of the top cities in the world with a fantastic record of luxurious places to visit for tourism, shopping, and business making it the concentration of wealth. It isn’t a surprise as to the reason one of the sectors in the city is blazing, and it is the real estate market.

There are apartments you can get in the city to enjoy the lifestyle of Dubai, and most of them are well equipped with exclusive amenities to make you comfortable fulfilled.

Here are some of the most sought after expensive homes you can opt for on a real estate company site in Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah Paradise

It’s possible you’ve been to many places that host exclusive villas with the appealing environment but so far, none can be compared to the human-made palm frond in Dubai known as the Palm Jumeirah. The tranquility of the area is enough to win you over.

It is one of the best places in Dubai you will want to have a home not just for visitation. It hosts lots of villas and apartments that are equipped with quality facilities and with the ocean views; it is a dream home for anyone who loves a private lifestyle from the hustle and bustle of the city. The properties on this island are genuinely topnotch as it gives a paradise feeling and you can become the outright owner of some of the apartment for as low as 55 million dollars.

Emirates Hills

I’m quite sure you always want to follow that which is trending, and if that is the case, choosing the location of your dream home, emirate hills should be the first in your mind. If you want the most beautiful homes in Dubai, the emirate hill is the perfect destination.

There you will find some villas and apartment with no exception. There are beautiful buildings and that which differentiates them is the style, pattern, and design alongside with the amenities. You can get an apartment in emirate hill as low as $21 million dollars, but it might be just two to three bedrooms.

The environment is peaceful, and it is a residential area for those in search of a place to reside with their family. Emirate hill is sure a perfect place to be. I bet you won’t want to leave the moment you step your feet in the area.

Le Reve 

The construction of the area is done by Xtreme developers, and that alone tells why it benched some of the city centers of attraction such as Dubai Marina. If you are in the search for an abode for you and your family, you can consider any of the apartments in Le Reve.

Of course, you will have a fantastic view of the ocean since it is in proximity to the marina. What’s exciting about the apartment here is that most have a master bedroom that is ensuite and with just as low as $35 million, you can get an apartment, but the penthouse is relatively expensive.

Dubai Hills estate 

Are you in the search for a gated community to get a property? Of course, not the cheap one but the expensive, then the Dubai hills estate is your destination. The area is a beautiful place to be for those in need of a peaceful environment to raise their kids.

You will be amazed by what the area has to offer with some exclusively furnished apartment, ample space, fantastic views of the greenery are, pool and other entertainment centers to enjoy the lifestyle of the area.

The villas and apartment in the area are quite affordable but are expensive because the area is located in the center of the city which gets more attention from people and the demand to get an apartment is high. The apartment price ranges based on the numbers of rooms and the amenities, but you will get on the average of $40 million.

Dubai Marina

 It is an artificial canal city in Dubai and residents have access to the waterfront views. Not only that, they as well have access to some of the facilities to make their stay in the city worthwhile.

It is the home to some of the expensive and exclusive villas, and it is the center of attraction for business mogul and those for retirement purposes. The apartment there can be acquired on the average of $35 million.

Burj Khalifa

The last to consider is a residential area that hosts the tallest building in the world and it as well as the tallest price range. The city has over 900 exclusive residential apartments which varies based on the numbers of room available. If you want to live like a king, here is your perfect destination, and the price is very high compared to every other we have in this article.

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