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Things you should never say to someone with depression



  • Depression is a serious disease that affects over 120 million peopleworldwide. You may notice your spouse or child has a decreased mood and diminished energy. Relatives or friends may experience bouts of depression after losing loved ones or employment, going through health crisis or going through divorce.

    Long-term clinical depression, or Major Depressive Disorder, is a persistent depressive state rooted in many factors — including chemical imbalances in the brain — that lasts at least two weeks. It can have an immense negative impact on a loved one’s work, family life, sleep, eating habits and physical health. So, when you come across a friend, relative or coworker with depression, make sure you don’t make these six common but insensitive statements:

  • 1. “Get over it”

    Depression is a serious matter that is not always easily dealt with. Getting professional treatment in a number of modalities, including prescription medication, therapy and even alternative treatments can help, but saying this won’t make anything better.

  • 2. “It’s not that bad”

    You don’t know how bad it is to them. The event that triggered the depression may not seem significant on the surface, but depression could be doing major damage on the inside once it has taken root. Try not to undermine or minimize how someone feels if you can’t understand what she’s going through.

  • 3. “You’re weak”

    Illness is not weakness. And projecting an ableist attitude onto someone who is suffering shows a lack of compassion and understanding that only makes you appear weak in character. Although a person may feel weak due to his ailment, calling him so will not give him strength.

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