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5 Things All Unhappily Married Couples Do

unhappy married couples


Happily married couples sometimes seem like they are few and far between. And with so many marriages ending in divorce, it’s no wonder. Unhappy married people rule the world and people just don’t seem to like each other anymore.

But why?

Divorces happen for a hundred reasons under the sun. But not every unhappy marriage ends. Sometimes they last anyway and that’s about the most depressing truth out there. So here are five habits all unhappy couples tend to have. We talked to experts who have counseled couples through them and seen it a million times. Do you see yourself in this? If so, get help.

 5 Things All Unhappily Married Couples Do

1.) Unhappy couples stop having sex. Sorry to say, but it’s true. Sex matters. If you are not having sex with your husband, then you are probably not all that happy.

“It’s hard to muster up the energy, desire, or good will to have sex with your partner if things aren’t going well in your marriage,” says Vanessa Marin, a psychologist specializing in sex therapy from San Francisco. “I also see a lot of couples who start withholding sex as ‘punishment.’ In turn, not having sex as frequently starts to hurt your marriage, since sex is one of the most important ways we show closeness and affection for each other.” If that part of your love has died, rev it back up. Have sex tonight!

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