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A Recent Study Shows That Weed May Be An Aphrodisiac

A Recent Study Shows That Weed May Be An Aphrodisiac,

While most people claimed that their reasons for using cannabis were stress/anxiety/pain-related, 14% of those studied said they use marijuana as a libido enhancer. Interestingly enough, the study also says that “women are slightly more likely than men to use cannabis as a libido enhancer (8% vs 5%).”

It’s entirely possible based on these findings that women tend to find more positive sexual benefits from using marijuana as opposed to men. While this seems like a small observation, this news could be extremely beneficial for the many women who have difficulty finding pleasure during sex (as evidenced by the subscription-based female pleasure websiteOMGYES).

However, it’s important to remember that not all marijuana is created equal. According toFusion‘s Taryn Hillin, the real determining factor for whether or not marijuana is an aphrodisiac is how one’s body responds to certain strains of weed. “Pharmacologically speaking, cannabis is a complicated plant, with 450 to 500 alkaloids—chemical compounds that have very different physiological effects on humans. So the sativa that makes you happy may make someone else paranoid, or the indica that relaxes you may make someone else pass out hardcore … For sex, the trick is to find the specific plant that works for you and your partner.”

Moral of the story: you may have to try several kinds of weeds before you find the one that lights your fire in the bedroom … but isn’t that really a win-win situation?


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