Working moms are Super Moms

Working mothers are considered super mothers; they do double the job, double the effort and of course double the shifts! Unfortunately, our community sometimes puts her down, by accusing working mother being dereliction towards their kids, which is far away from the truth, because working mothers are a perfect role models for their kids and you can never tell a mother how to care about her children, it’s an instinctive emotion which attached with the mother’s heart!

Working mothers are always feeling guilt, the guilt of leaving their kids in daycare centers or nurseries, not spending so much times with her kids and the main controlling emotion she holds is the fear of emotional separation; which is when kids get detached way emotionally from their mommies.

In return, working outside the house can affect their lives positively:

Here are the 5 positive impacts working outside would make your household prosper:

  1. An Extra Financial Support
    Time has changed; Life is getting more expensive every day and life requirements is above the average budget. Father’s, in some cases he won’t be able to hold up with the household expenses alone, so when the mother works as well, it creates a good financial balance and it gives the family a good feeling of comfort.Kid’s requirements are expensive, and sometimes you can’t just say no to your child! Most children who have been deprived suffer from psychological problems such as greed and sometimes even robbery. You have to make a balance between their basic and important needs and the extra luxury needs; you don’t want them to reach the “spoiled children “phase!
  1. Remarkable Role Model
    Children will always imitate you no matter what you do. You are your kid’s first instruction book in life, so be a valuable book for your kids to read and imitate in future.When you raise a child it’s not only a duty of telling them what to do and what not to, being a parent means you are their Role Model, someone who they will look up to and decide if they want to be like you or no, how touching is it when your child says “my mummy is my role model“.

    This is a both ways case , for both working and for stay at home moms, we are raising a generation not only a human being, never let them see that women are supposed to do nothing but house duties and sleep, let them see that even stay -at -home mothers can be productive too, they can work from home, it is so important to let our children see the value of a women’s brain in community, lets show them that we can do huge achievements anytime and from anywhere! 

  1. Independent Children
    Raising your child to be independent is a great feature to be added their personality, it will not only help them while you’re away from home, but in their whole life generally, because while the mother is at work, kids will learn to rely on their selves in making something to eat, doing their laundries and they can even baby sit their younger siblings until one of the parents comes home.Kids are very smart, they are capable of doing a lot of useful things if they are given the chance, raising a responsible and an independent child is one of the best things you can do in your life, this won’t only help you in making your life easier, but also their life will be more organized, even if they even move out of the house they will be fully equipped and ready to take full responsibility of their own house and life.
  • One of the worst things any child can be raised on the fact is that the mother is obligated to do EVERYTHING for them!
  1. Working Mothers Gives More Affection
    No one is entitled to ever evaluate the love any mother holds for her child, that’s an always a winning case for the mother. As we mentioned before, working moms often holds a feeling of guilt for not spending enough time with her kids, that’s why expressing her feelings to for them, it can intrude having a private chit-chat with her teenage daughter, playing games with the youngest kid and doing any activity her boy enjoys like playing X-box game with him!Working mothers feel of gift will make her show her affection in a special way , specializing different activities and having a private chit chat with each of them is so important, because this way can assure for the kids that she cares for each one of them in a massive special way, even though she works outside and sometimes she gets overwhelmed from work, but they are definitely her number one priority!
  2. Working Mothers Are Happy Mothers
    The main factor that controls the atmosphere of the house is the parents, when the mother is happy; she will be more positive dealing with her kids at home. This comes back to satisfaction the working mother has of being a productive and an important part of the community, this makes her stronger and gives her a feeling of being a strong leader in and outside the house. A happy mother means happy Kids!
  • A working mother is much more in less danger of depression, because on daily basis she smells fresh air, interacts with her colleagues and gets the feeling of being productive.
  • When the mother is happy, her relationship with her husband will be happier too, so this creates a comfortable healthy home atmosphere.
  • In this article, I preferred to talk about the positivity of working mothers, because it’s important for every woman to know the value of herself, every woman deserves to feel important outside her house too. Some women are truly talented but some primitive communities are still refusing giving women the chance to stand out, which breaks her dreams down. Chase your dreams and put your energy in being a productive perfect model for your children and community as well.

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